March 4, 2009

Fasting Prayer

A few weeks ago I did a one day fast and I found myself going to the Lord in prayer much more than I would regularly do. It was deeper than the normal prayer times as well. This bothers me now as I think back on it. Why can I not have such deep meaningful prayer more often than when I do a one and a half day fast?

For anyone who has met me, it is obvious I do not miss many meals. Is it the time I freed up from eating or the thought of not eating and how to cope with that fact that drove me into prayer? I hope that was not all it was, for that is a sorry state of affairs.

But that outcome is what I am seeking. Deep, meaningful prayer on a daily basis. What I call fasting prayer. Coming before the Lord in need and knowing He can give you the strength to do what you know would otherwise be impossible. Giving it all to Him and knowing there is no other way through for you. Prayer so important to you that you are willing to set aside doing other things in your life because you know they are not what prayer is-talking to God, and what can be more important than that.

Take the time today to engage in some meaningful, heartfelt prayer. Consider not doing something else to make time for prayer, to show our Father that there is an importance and an urgency to coming before Him, and that you recognize prayer as such activity.

I want to be lost in prayer today, even if just for a few minutes. I want to be lost without it.