March 2, 2009

Making Tracks to Breakfast

As I look at the upcoming week, I have 3 breakfast meetings. Here I am, in part-time retirement/in part-time study/in part-time volunteer ministry, acting like I was still a business executive. Seems strange that I am getting back into the habit of a career, one that combines my meager ability to advise and consult with my monstrous ability to consume food. The other two days of the week are no can do meeting wise since I have a 7:45am class at seminary to get to. Believe me, that still seems strange as well. Not all that many 50+ seminary freshman running around the place.

I guess what I am learning is that unlearning is not all that easy. After a period of really slowing things down in my life in late 2007/early 2008, things are ramping up again in 2009. And that's OK.

Because I am doing stuff I want to do, meeting with people I want to meet with, discussing things I want to talk about.

And because it is about serving in His kingdom that I am seeking out and striving for.

And because I want to.

And that feels so right.

But now a brief confession. I really do not eat like the top picture. I eat much more like this one down here.

Can you blame me?


Greg said...


I'm with you about "option number two" for breakfast. Although I do think it needs a couple more pieces of bacon to really be fully satisfying.

Andy C said...

Never can have too much bacon. I know, I have tried.