March 13, 2009

True Surrender

Our motive for surrender should not be for any personal gain at all. We have become so self-centered that we go to God only for something from Him, and not for God Himself.
Oswald Chambers - My Utmost For His Highest Devotional for March 12

How many of us are willing to do this? True surrender. giving our lives to Christ, being in it solely for the glory of God. Deep down inside, I think just about all of us struggle with this. Why is that, Chambers goes on to say:

It is like saying, "No, Lord, I don’t want you; I want myself. But I do want You to clean me and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I want to be on display in Your showcase so I can say, ’This is what God has done for me.’ "

That's it then. We want something out of it. Call it our pride, our desire to be the center of attention, our desire to be seen as somehow sacrificing for the Lord. But would we be willing to submit to the Lord's will if we had to suffer and sacrifice in anonymity, somehow faceless and unappreciated by those around us?

If not, that is not true surrender is it?

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