March 11, 2009


I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and as Lord of my life.
I believe that faith and trust in Him is the only way to my salvation, that I can do nothing to earn or merit it myself.
I believe that God so loved the world that He sent His only Son to die for us.
I believe that God loves the whole world but that sinners grieve Him deeply.

I believe we should hate the sin but love the sinner.
I believe God grieves all those who do not turn to His Son in faith as Savior.
I believe that I am a sinner and no better than anyone else, but that Jesus redeemed me by His death on the Cross.
I believe we should be in this world, but not of this world.
I believe I should model Christ's behavior every day, even knowing I will always fall woefully short of the goal.

I believe we should love on people, even when they less than like us.
For all of this, many would call me intolerant. I pray that I am not, nor will ever be. That is the road I seek to travel.

I have to ask, who is intolerant?

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