March 30, 2009

3 Questions to Ponder

Based on some readings I have been doing lately, here are some questions I have been thinking about:

  • Old earth vs. new earth - was the earth created 4.5 billion years ago or 10 to 20 thousand? Is a day in Genesis 1 a 24 hour day or millions of years? I like the way Grudem puts it that Scripture is more easily understood to suggest (but not require) a young earth, but observable facts seem to favor an old earth. I guess I lean to young earth, I like a more easily understood Scripture and a God who created out of nothing could certainly make it all look old from the start. But I do not know for sure and when it comes down to it:
It does not change one iota my view that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior

  • Premillennialism vs. postmillennialism vs. amillennialism - does Jesus return before or after the 1000 year reign described in Revelation 20:4-5? Is there even a millennium prior to the eternal state? This one is tough to discuss, there is not much to go in Scripture. I believe in the premillennial, pre-tribulation rapture view, but once again I do not know for sure and
It does not change one iota my view that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior

My point being we sometimes argue, disagree or split over things that in the final analysis ar enot important to the main thing, the main thing being where you stand with Jesus.
  • Spicy brown vs. yellow mustard - this one isn't of the same weight as the first two, but it is important. Thought we needed to lighten up a bit. OK, I didn't read any on this one, but could not get a hot dog this weekend when I stopped without getting yellow mustard. I'd rather eat it dry. I am a spicy brown mustard man. This one I know without hesitation or further reflection. And I am not even going to talk about the best hot dogs being a "dirty water" dog off a street vendor in Manhattan.
So let's stick to the main thing and once we do, we can also get rid of the yellow mustard as soon as we can.

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