March 27, 2009

My MOO Minicards Are Here!

Grand Canyon at dawn.

Sedona at sunset.

The flag of Penza, Russia (yes that is Jesus on the flag!).

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon.

Sedona at sunset.

A sign at an Indian reservation just outside the Grand Canyon National Park, I like that they put children before pets.

I won a set of MOO Minicards at ChurchCrunch a few weeks ago. If you are not familiar with these, they are mini-business cards, way too cool for an old boomer like me to be walking around with. But John, being a man of truth and honor bought me the set he promised in his contest. And it had nothing to do with a pay off for me guest blogging there.

I had to design them, so I picked a bunch of photos that I had taken that just tickled my fancy when I was leafing through my computer files. The challenge was finding scenes that fit well into the size of the card. Many I picked just did not look good on a minicard template so I had to nix the selection.

Hope you like 'em. Maybe you will get one if we ever do business together.

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