March 29, 2009

If Christians Were Clocks...

...what kind would you be?

Would you be up in some tower banging away for all to hear, but basically unapproachable and so, mostly ignored but for a passing glance now and then?

Would you be some oddball clock that people mostly laughed at and you told the tale of time?

Would you just hang out with other clocks, seemingly in the world, but really completely apart and unconnected in any way?

Would you be an insistent sort, getting up in people's faces until they listened (and most likely turned you off and went about their business)?

Or would you be on a busy street, providing much needed help to those as they rushed by in their lives? Available, but apart; in the world, not of it. Noticeable and reachable, yet uncompromising in the message you gave out?

Tell me, tell me please, what kind of clock would you be?