September 7, 2008

When My River Does Not Flow

Continuing my reading of My Utmost For His Highest by Chambers today:

If you find that His life is not springing up as it should, you are to blame - something is obstructing the flow...Yet some are like the dead Sea, always receiving but never giving, because our relationship is not right with the Lord Jesus...But whenever the blessings are not being poured out in the same measure they are received, there is a defect in our relationship with Him...Stay at the Source, closely guarding your faith in Jesus Christ and your relationship to Him, and there will be a steady flow into the lives of others with no dryness or deadness whatsoever.

It is all about me; but only at those times I have become clogged and the love of Jesus is not flowing through me to others. When I stop up the Source of my river, the water quiickly becomes stagnant and undrinkable. I cannot save up His water, but live only by letting it flow.

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