September 10, 2008

The Finger of God

I am doing some research for a paper for seminary today. I am doing some reading as well. I am also starting a homework assignment. Some interrelated multi-tasking.

I am also struggling a bit, it almost feels like quicksand. Don't know why, but the work has been a struggle the past few days. But I am keeping at it. And in my work some imagery has come to mind. The finger of God.

The finger of God. It is imagery from Exodus 31:18; Moses coming down Mount Sinai, carrying two tablets of testimony, written by the finger of God. It is imagery from Proverbs 3:3 and 7:3; writing kindness and truth and wisdom on the tablet of your heart.

Good stuff being written in stone; being written on your heart. But there is also imagery in Jeremiah 17:1 of the sins of Judah being engraved on the tablet of their heart. And doesn't the process of engraving in the case of this sin just sound more painful than the writing of Proverbs? So sometimes His finger is something you really do not want to deal with.

So I am now looking for His finger to write on my heart; wisdom, truth, kindness, courage and some perseverance. I am looking for the good stuff, not the bad.

I am looking for Him to write on my heart, because I think I have been poking myself in the eye lately.


David Porter said...


Christ wrote in the dust with his finger too!

I wonder what elements, if any, do all these finger writing have in the whole of the sacred text?

Interesting! I look forward to hearing of your results. I also pray that your path out of the quicksand will be found quickly.

Andy Coticchio said...


The quicksand dried up sometime overnight, thank the Lord! Doing much better today.

Great point of Jesus writing in the dust. Clearly a finger of God moment.

The Exodus example is to me, a clear indication of the divine inspiration behind Scripture. The others are to me more of God intervening in our hearts as opposed His authorship of Holy Writ.

But there are clear examples of divine inspiration being supported by Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:20-21 as two often pointed to. There is also Revelation 1:1 where John attests to the word coming from Jesus or Isaiah 8:1 where Isaiah is commanded to write it down.

You also have 2 Peter 3:15-16 in which Peter attests to Paul's writings.

There are probably many more that i have not focused on as of yet.