September 12, 2008

Being Ready

My reading of Chambers is out of phase today due to my looking at the wrong page the other day. As that turned out, a necessary mistake.

Today I read the missed page. The essence of it to me was that if you are not walking with God in your everyday occurrences, worshiping Him for what He is doing in your life; you will not turn to Him when a crisis comes, when it is time for the work of God to be manifest in your life.

Walking with God needs to be an ingrained habit, a second nature, something you do without thinking about it. Turning to Christ should be something you do without realizing it. He is there with us at all times; we should act like He is. Christ's character is true; He is constant. If we are true to Him, in times of crisis He will come to the forefront of our hearts and minds; and He will guide us.

We will show our true character. Be ready at all times to receive Him into the moments of your life; because He was already there waiting for you.

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