September 26, 2008

Enthusiasm Is Never Enough?

Something stuck with me from my reading of Chambers yesterday. "No amount of enthusiasm will ever stand up to the strain that Jesus Christ will put upon His servant."

It picked at me all day. At first it annoyed me. Then it made me think a bit. I probably should have done that before my knee jerk reaction.

Enthusiasm without true faith really is shallow and will not last. Just think of some of the more emotional moments you have had in your walk. If it was not truly grounded in faith, did it last? Think of the emotional displays of others. Were they sincere? Did they last? If the answer to the first question is no, the answer to the second is going to be no as well.

I am convicted of two things:

1- Try to make sure any measure of enthusiasm for the Lord is always grounded in an even greater measure of faith to provide sustainability, viability and credibility.

2-Never be annoyed at Mr. Chambers without serious reflection, a deep breath and a count to at least ten.


Laurie M. said...

Mr. Chambers is right about that. I've been reading the Religious Affections, by Edwards, and that's essentially what the whole book is about. Many factors in life may cause our affections/enthusiasm to rise and fall. But only that which comes from faith will be consistent and ongoing.

(And don't feel too bad, I've found Chambers difficult to take at times.)

Andy Coticchio said...

I'll have to read Religious Affections once I am through the seminary book list (Yeah, right!). I like Edwards and would love to percolate in his writings.
It isn't Chambers who is difficult; it is I.