September 28, 2008

What Else Can I Miss

I missed the first presidential debate. No, not that Lincoln-Douglas thing (Well, yes I guess I did miss that one too, but that is not the one I am referring to), but the first one of this election cycle.

So I realized if I can miss that maybe I better make a list of other things I could miss that would get me in more trouble than missing an unpaid political advertisement:

A-Kiss my wife (Did it, doing it, wanting to do it again. Thanks Laurie!)

1-My anniversary (this month and I did not)
2-My wife's birthday (last month and I did not)
3-Church this morning ( in 2 hours and I will not)
4-Seminary classes (so far this semester I have not)
5-Feeding the dogs (no, they have a way of reminding us)
6-Walking the dogs (no, they really have a way of reminding us, especially if we remember #5)
7-Going to work (wait, I am retired, that is either a trick question or the onset of a senior moment)
8-Food shopping (I have a way of remembering that puts the dogs to shame)
9-Putting out the garbage (Do it twice a week. The last bastion of male dominated employment that women want no part of)
10-Putting on clean clothes every day (Did it. OK, there are two bastions of male dominated employment women want nothing to do with)
11-I will stop at #10

As I look back, I realize I remember to do the important stuff. Life is good when lived right.

Can anyone think of anything I forgot?


Laurie M. said...

Kiss your wife.

Andy C said...

Thanks for the reminder! See the revision above.