September 24, 2008

How Dry I Am.

Maybe it is the head cold I have been fighting the past few days.

Maybe it is that I really have nothing to say right now.

Maybe the Lord has declared a dry season in my thinking and pondering. Getting me ready for a new direction of thought and reflection.

But I really am not coming up with anything to post right now.

Two months ago I would have been very concerned about the content I needed to put on my blog. But I am content that when I have something that needs to go here, it will come to me and then to you.

I have decided to take this as a sign of maturity in my blogging experience; that I may face a brief dry spell, confident in the belief that a season of rain, mixed with sunshine will lead to more growth.

So, I will await it. I will prepare my field for rain. And I will be ready when they come.

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