September 25, 2008

I Am A Social Mediot

I like dabbling in Social Media.

I am just not good at it. That makes me a social mediot. If I didn't try to utlilize Social media, I would just be oblivious.

I have this blog, but I am really not doing much with it; at least not for the Kingdom. I have a Feedburner (but couldn't really explain it to you).I am linked into My Zimbio, Sitemeter, Feedjit, BlogCatalog, and Technorati. I even have Technorati tags, but couldn't tell you you how to use them. I have a vimeo account, but have never used it, and probably never will.

I am on Twitter, I have it linked to Gospelr and to Facebook; but I really don't quite get it. I am even on TweetDeck. It seems I need applications to manage my applications. I thought that what all the linking was about, a common misconception of the social mediot.

I am on LinkedIn and Plaxo Pulse, adding connections, but not using it meaningfully yet.

And I realize there are dozens of other sites that I have no idea even exist, let alone how to integrate them into my life.

I am a social mediot. Someone needs to come up with an intelligence quotient for measuring how good one is with using the ever burgeoning world of social media, how fast one adapts to and masters the latest and coolest new twist. Whatever the scoring scale, I would come out as a social mediot.

Not very flattering, maybe it is the curse of most baby boomers. (I said most, not all, so I do not want to hear complaining from my boomer friends who actually know how to do this stuff well. Both of you.)

I'll get help some day and clean up my act a bit. Or someone will come alongside me and help me out.

I am a social mediot, but I am determined not to be a corpse.

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