September 19, 2008

The Tower and The Trench

One thing is becoming very apparent to me as I move through seminary this semester and I seek out what ministry opportunities God is putting in my path. I am looking to live the next few years in two worlds: the ivory tower of academe; and the trenches of the world seeking out the lost (or possibly misguided).

I do no think I want one of those worlds without the other, but I know I will not stay in both for all that long a season of life. Although from the study end, it sure seems long enough as you are going through it. There are opportunities to serve that God is already putting in front of me and I can see that being a full time student does not make sense in the context of what else I will be doing in the present or near future.

But I see now that I need time in both worlds to be effective in either. My study without real world service becomes an academic exercise (no pun intended) and service without study will not be as deeply engrossed nor boldly approached. The tower and the trench need each other; I need both of them.

Compared to how I used to live life, this seems so much richer, so much more multi-dimensional. So much more worthwhile. And there are clearly nuggets of gold to be mined out in each world to the glory of my Lord's name. So dig in both I must and I will.

The knowledge of God in a biblical perspective knows no limits; therefore learning can be as unending as it can be enriching. While I pray one day to get out of seminary, I pray never to get out of God's school.While I may end classroom learning, I want to remain in teachable moments before His throne.

I pray to scale the tower and span the trench, drawing strength from one to deal with my weakness in the other. What a journey this narrow road has me one. I would have no other in my life.

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ryan said...

Andy, glad to see that you're finding fulfillment in what you are doing. It's great to see your perspective.
During my time in seminary I was surrounded by the career student lot who had very little real world experience either in business or ministry. The burnout/apathy rate seemed rather high.
It's good to see someone engaging the experience with a health compass and wisdom.