September 27, 2008

Am I Wrong?

I had no desire to watch the debate last night, I even put up a somewhat sarcastic Facebook status (something about barking seals and fish). But I have been thinking about it a bit since I realized that I had missed the debate. (You see, I even forgot there was a debate last night until it was underway).

I care about my country, I am thankful I live where I can have freedom to follow my religious beliefs, freedom to express my opinions, freedom to vote for who I want to.

Well, that last one is not entirely true. I am free to vote for who is running (although I guess there is always the write in ballot).

I am not much of a political animal, I do not particularly enjoy arguing politics, listening to politics being argued, or engaging in politics. The term politics has such negative connotations and pervades so many aspects of our lives. But only those aspects that involve more than one person, so it is limited to some extent.

I did not watch because by now I know whom I will vote for. I do not put politics into my posts, nor will I disclose my choices, except at the ballot box. (Ballot box - I have not seen one of those in quite some time, but ballot screen with flywheel selection does not have the same patriotic ring to it.

I may catch part of the future debates, may a video clip here or there. But I will probably not watch any live. I just do not have it in me. I have read enough and listened enough to form what I believe to be an informed position on the candidates without watching partisan Family Feud.

Am I wrong?


ryan said...

what we have are not debates, merely free PR ops. The questions that are posed are rarely answered directly. All you have are the same people using the same answers for every question no matter what the topic. The whole thing is kinda pointless

Andy Coticchio said...

It is sad that so many put so much stock into a debate cycle that usually yields so little.

Anonymous said...

If you're wrong, I'm wrong with you. I didn't watch it either.

I agree with ryan... "The whole thing is kinda pointless."

Laurie M. said...

I did not watch them either. I find them maddening. (Give me a good respectful theological debate any day.)As your previous commenter stated, they are not truly debates anyway, and seldom bring any clarity to the issues, or hold any surprises.

I, too, have made my choice, and yet refuse to enter into election politics in my blog, or most church settings, though I may discuss certain ethical issues (i.e. sanctity of life) which may at times be thrust into the political limelight.

(And thanks for visiting my blog!)

Andy Coticchio said...

This an instance in which I was alone; I wish I was the only one who felt need to feel negative about the political process.

Greg said...

I'm with you, Andy. I didn't watch either. Just didn't really see the point.

NYC said...

I didn't watch the debate either. Similar to you, I care about my country and do make an effort to keep informed and vote. Prior to becoming a Christian, I used to get caught up in the polticial cycles (I was a Poltical Science and English major in college). Don't get me wrong, I don't think that being involved and up to date reagrding politics is in anyway non- Christian. I have just grown weary of the political "mumbo jumbo" that is usually spewed by the candidates. Also, I find it almost sad that so many people are placing all of their hopes in politics.

Andy C said...

Too true! We should have hope in Jesus, not man, nor the institutions of man.