February 24, 2009

Who Am I? (Blogicalogically Speaking)

INFP - The Idealists

The meaning-seeking and unconventional type. They are especially attuned to making sure their beliefs and actions are congruent. They often develop a passion for the arts or unusual forms of self-expression.

They enjoy work that are aligned to their deeply felt values and tend to strongly dislike the more practical and mundane forms of tasks. They can enjoy working alone for long periods of time and are happiest when they can immerse themselves in personally meaningful projects.

This is me according to Typealyzer, a blog personality test. I am not sure this is what I was expecting, but then again, I am not sure I was expecting anything in particular. It is interesting that my blog reflects portions of my personality, but misses on others.

And I am not telling which is which. But I like the hair.

HT: Human3rror

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