February 8, 2009

OK, I Think I Get It

I can admit when I am wrong (but not easily so don't get too excited). I have been using Twitter, and I have been moaning and groaning about it. The other day, I went on a friend's blog and saw that the comments section was closed to all comments. I tweeted him and he fixed the problem, the system had somehow done it without his knowledge.

It was fixed, in like a minute. I've read the stories in the media about how the first info comes out of Twitter, an earthquake in California, an emergency plane landing in the Hudson River. But I could not make the personal connection. I finally see for myself that the turn around time in a Twitter-like service is lightning fast. I still have to manage the inflow of tweets, but I am working on it. Because the key to that fast speed and pace is in keeping pace with what is going on in your particular tweetosphere.

I have spent some time thinking how I do that in my life, but I get it now.

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