February 4, 2009

Pardon Meme - Or I was going to put a list of 25 interesting things about my life together but I kept falling asleep while I was compiling the list.

First things first. To everyone I have tagged in a meme, or a note or whatever, please accept my heartfelt apology.

Next, to all who have tagged me, thanks for thinking of me. No really, thanks. I mean it.

But here comes the next next. I am done, both tagging or responding to tags. Sorry, I do not want to play anymore. I have watched these roil through the blogosphere and Facebook pages like the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. In my mind at least, it has been that bad. (Actually, this movie reference was just to get one of those odd bits of memory flotsam jutting out of my mind and onto a page in the hope I am freed from the torment of remembering anymore. The post could have done fine without it)

I have ignored several "tags" the past few days, I apologize, I still love you all. But like I said, I am done.

I just felt that the situation called for a futile and stupid gesture be done on someone's behalf, and I was just the guy to do it. (How about that, a second movie reference). And I learned something else. In Blogger you cannot make your title longer than the one I picked. Well maybe a space or two more but that is it. I know, I tried.

It seems that many are enjoying doing this, and I say more power to you. It is just not for me. And I feel others feel the same way.

Now give me 3 reasons why I am right or wrong.


Sherri Watt said...

I am with you Andy. Although I appreciate that others like my blog, I too feel like the Meme's and awards are out of control. I started my blog at the prompting by God to use for His messages and thats what I prefer to use it for.

Andy C said...

I am glad I went public and said I will no longer participate in these. Not what I want my blog to be about.