February 20, 2009

Listening With Passion

I spent some time yesterday with a great group of people in a ministry I care deeply about, Evantell. These people are teaching me so much about being passionate in the service of the Lord, of evangelizing the good news of Jesus.

They speak of their ministry with passion, and they also listen with passion. A love for the ministry, a love for spreading the good news, a love for people makes them eager to hear about others.

They listen with passion. I am going to enjoy spending more time with these folks, learning from them, sharing with them, rejoicing in the work they do for the Lord. You feel good just talking to them because they care deeply for you. They are modeling the will of our Lord each and every day.

I will be talking about this group quite a bit going forward, because they have some exciting stuff coming up soon. They are going to be a key brick in the wall of my ministry for what I pray is many, many years to come.

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