May 20, 2009

Laziness Is Hard Work

I am on a break from school, and just hanging out for the summer, helping out in the various ministries I support in a small, part time sort of way, but mainly, I am just hanging around the house.

I am finding laziness a little exhausting, trying to come up with things not to do.

It is hard work when you have a conscience. Quite exhausting at times.

If I put as much effort into dong something as I am doing into doing nothing, a lot more would get done than is getting done now.

But I am accomplishing a lot of nothing, so I have that working for me this week. I will have a string of luncheon meetings the rest of the week. In my laziness, I seem to have been able to couple several meetings with meals so i get two things done in one time frame.

Some call that efficient. I choose to call it laziness because it is hard work to do something and nothing at the same time.

The upshot is that after a summer of this, I will probably be ready to do some real work, like school again. That will be a good thing.

If I am not too tired that is.


Peter P said...


Andy C said...

Just the right length comment for a post on laziness.

Sharon Ball said...

I can't imagine doing nothing all the time, but I knew someone who was content to be lazy all the time. I agree with you. I think it's much too hard work.

sylvia caruso said...

I totally agree. We have had nothing but rain for the past 3 days and I haven't been able to go anywhere or do much. There is only so much cleaning one person can do. So I find myself doing nothing and I'm more exhausted than when I do a lot of running around and errands.

Andy C said...

Sharon: It is way too much work for a full time gig, but it is nice in short and slightly longer stints.

Sylvia: It is amazing how exhausting it is when laziness is forced on us.