May 9, 2009

The Short Order Cook

Several people who blog and follow my blog have made a similar comment about my blogging style. It does not take me long to catch on to a pattern (Yes it does) or to what people are saying about me (YES it does).

But this one I have known for a while. My blog posts are short (most of the time) and to the point (some of the time).

Short and sweet.

The short order cook.

For those of you who know me personally (as in person and not just on the internet), short and sweet is never a way anyone would describe me. Neither short and sweet, nor short, nor sweet.

But it is a style I have grown accustomed to, based on some advice I got early in my blogging career. Advice that fits into my personality. I am usually a man of few words.People sometimes take my personality for indifference or inattention, but I am taking it all in, I just usually have nothing to say about it. So it goes with my blogging. I guess it isn't that I do not care about people, I just do not want to show how much I care. A basic character flaw I am sure.

How short is too short for me in my blog posts? The one I do not write is too short. All the others are fine.

I hope you like this style, because I am not going to change it any time soon.

OK, this has gone on long enough.

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