May 6, 2009

Facing A Giant

In a little while I am going off to take the test I spoke of yesterday.

I am facing a giant today. This is the weakest part of my student life, prepping for exams. That is my giant today, facing a part of my life I do not like to deal with, doing the best I can and getting through. Not much of a giant, taking a test, but it is the one to deal with today. And if I can face a "little giant", I am one step closer to facing the real giants that will cross my path.

I must admit, I do not feel as prepared as I should be. I feel small in the face of this little giant.

One thing is certain; no matter how I do, I will not talk about the results in a future post.

It is time to move on the next task the Lord has for me. Waiting to face the giants in my life with a real giant, my Lord, by my side.


Mikes said...

That's okay friend. It's in our weakness, that God's strength takes over. we are small before him but we can defeat Giants because of HIM!

Andy C said...

He is the only reason we are victorious.