May 11, 2009

Longevity Redux

I talked about longevity on Friday in the context of the Star Trek movie that had just come out. More on that in a minute. I got another smack in the head yesterday afternoon when i was flipping through channels on TV. I came across the Blues Brothers movie, the scene where they are being chased through the shopping mall. At one point they crash into a car dealership and you see a sign for the '80 Oldsmobiles.

Then it hit me, this movie is almost 30 years old. For some reason I found that depressing and turned off the TV. I actually read a chapter in a book that was not assigned as part of a seminary class for the first time in months, that felt good. But before I did, I came to the realization that my legitimacy through longevity thoughts of last Friday can also be tied in with nostalgia.

When things from the past seem legitimate to me, it is probably because I am somewhat nostalgic for the old days, when I wore a younger man's clothes (my apologies to Billy Joel and The Piano Man). Our yearnings probably legitimize the past to some extent. The good old days were not necessarily better, they may just seem that way.

So now I look ahead and look forward to what the Lord has for me. I would rather be nostalgic about the future.

As a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed the Star Trek movie. I thought it was the best Star Trek movie to date. it honored the past, but brought in some novel stuff that did not take away from the original TV series. I found it entertaining and creative. All in all, worth the watch. That's it for a review. You want more go to Truth on Cinema. Dan does a much better job at reviewing movies than I ever will. I think he will like it and he is not even a Star Trek fan, not even close from the sound of it.


Anonymous said...

My review is up Andy. Thanks for the link back. I am glad that you enjoyed the film as well.

It was amazing.

Truth On Cinema

Andy C said...

It was way better than anticipated. Thanks for letting me know on your review.