May 25, 2009

The Last Holdout

I was checking my Google Analytics recently. I do not check all that often, but I do look on occasion. I realized that there is a hold out to reading my blog (OK, there are billions of holdouts, but I am talking one specific measure here). There has been a reader from every state in the US.

Except one.

North Dakota.

I have nothing against the state other than no one who lives there has read my blog. I mean, I have watched the movie Fargo several times, it is one of my favorites. Yah. I haven't visited the state, but have it on a list of things to do in my life.

If you are from North Dakota and are reading this, well, you solved my problem. If you aren't, thanks for stopping by! If you know someone who lives in North Dakota, can you tell them about my blog?

I would love to see the state colored in on the map on the Google report. It is the little things in life that bring a smile to the face.


Peter P said...

If I could, I'd go to North Dakota just to visit your site from there.


Andy C said...

Hey, thanks for the offer. That would be way above and beyond any call to duty.

Anonymous said...

I know it won't show on Google, but I'm FROM North Dakota - so break out your map colors...


Andy C said...

I appreciate the head's up. I wonder why it does not show on Google.