May 8, 2009


So I am going this afternoon to see the new Star Trek movie. Picked up the tickets last night for a late afternoon show (For retirees a 4pm showing is the new midnight movie).

I am amazed at the stamina of the Star Trek franchise, birthed from a not too successful TV series canceled in the third season for low ratings. Watched most of the episodes first run during the original airings. The original series, as low tech as it was compared to the TV sequel series and the movies was always my favorite. Even suffered through the early syndication efforts with those butchered commercials inserted at what seemed to be 15 seconds too soon or too late in the plot. I mean they had the natural commercial break points from when it ran the first time, how hard was it to do?

It will be interesting to see this look back into the lives of the two main characters from the original in this movie. I am wondering what memories will it trigger. I was not one of those Trekkies who got upset if any bit of minutia was not followed to the letter, although I was never happy that the first movie seemed to be just a rehash of the Nomad plot line from The Changeling episode of September 1967. At least I think it was. But they did wait 12 years to rerun it.

There is something to be said for longevity. if you are around long enough, you take on an air of legitimacy, no matter how you were received at your inception. Here's to an over 40 year run for a concept that started as a TV series greeted with mediorce enthusuasm by popular audiences, although always well received by Sci-fi fans (here's to their passion and stamina as well).

Makes me wonder when I take on an air of legitimacy. I am starting to have been around long enough myself. I think it may even be time for me to be a sequel.


Batman said...

Impressive that you found the screenshot that you did. ST:TMP was really an amalgamation of The Changeling, and The Doomsday Machine as well. Enjoy the movie. We're probably waiting 'til Memorial Day.

Andy C said...

Ooh, the Doomsday Machine!Good catch! That is an excellent one to bring up as well. Thanks!