April 7, 2009

When Have I Grown?

A blogging buddy of mine, Robert at Middle Zone Musings is asking people to write about what they have learned from Adversity. It is an interesting topic, but he always comes up with interesting topics so I am not surprised.

As I think about what I have dealt with in my life (without getting into the details, the details are not important here, the lessons are) one thing is clear:

The periods of my greatest growth have been during times of adversity. However, I never noticed the growth myself until the period was over.

Funny how that works. Others might have noticed I was growing, but I was too busy trying to get through it to sit back and appreciate any silver lining in the clouds of my mind.

Not all that growth occurred during a season of life when I called myself Christian, the call to faith came later in life for me than most. I now see the growth is directed by Him, the adversity is a little easier to bear in faith in Him; but the growth will happen all the same.

Lord, grant me the strength and wisdom to see the growth as it is happening so I can nurture it to the fullest.

Then I know I am getting all out of His lessons that He would have me get.

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