April 8, 2009

Never Too Old

I thought a bit more about yesterday's post, and the what I learned from adversity project that Robert over at Middle Zone Musings is putting together.

I appreciate the opportunity to write on this because those of you who blog daily understand the need to come up with something to blog about daily. I am always amazed that God directs me at just the right time and just the right direction to write something. These past two days Robert's WILF series has been that instrument.

Hey, that might make a good group project: What type of tool has God made Robert into? What do you think Robert? Are you game?

Anyway, to the task at hand, what have I learned:

You are never too old to learn from adversity.

No matter how long you have walked, stumbled or crawled across the face of this earth, there is a lesson you can learn from life. God never gives up on teaching us; never stops wanting us to learn and grow from it.

You are never too old to have adversity in your life.

If you are not too old to learn from it, you are certainly not too old to suffer from it. Life never stops coming at you. But you cannot quit. You need to wait for God to take you out of this practive round and pout you into the real game.

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