April 16, 2009

Future Blessedness

Finally, it is clearly established that in all their efforts in this
life they set before themselves the blessedness of the future life. If
Jacob was not intent upon a higher blessing, why did he desire so much
and seek at such great risk the right of the first-born, which was to
procure him exile and almost disinheritance, but bring no good at all?
John Calvin - Institutes of the Christian Religion: 2.10.14

The passage here is dealing the faith of Isaac and Jacob, two of the Old Testament patriarchs. The point is that they looked to the future for their blessings, indeed, possibly they looked beyond life on this earth.

As we struggle through the world today, the issues our country is facing, economic or political, or even our very physical safety, take comfort from these three facts:

  • Our Lord is sovereign.
  • He has promised us blessings.
  • He is faithful to His Word.

We will get our blessings, so do not obsess on the problems of the world, but focus on He who is our King.

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