April 18, 2009

A Cracked Vessel

That's me, a cracked vessel, unable to keep all the water of life He pours into me from leaking out.

I am constantly amazed at how loving God is that He would fill me up continuously, constantly yet with patience and grace.

As I think of my school work, He seems to bring me through when I thought I had hit a dry patch.

As I think of writing this blog, I am amazed that He takes the time to put thoughts into my head each day as to what I should write about. As I think of my school project blog, A Trinity of 3 (which I hope you visit and comment on -- shameless plug and fishing for traffic), I am amazed at how He guides me to write about the Trinity as I progress through the course. When my mind is dry and i turn to Him, I get filled up every time.

It is good that He has an infinite supply of the living water, because I keep on leaking, each and every day.

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