April 29, 2009

To Diet Or To Fast Is Not To Starve

I'm starving.

We have all said it at one time or another. Maybe we were delayed in having a meal on our normal time schedule. Maybe because of time pressures we skipped a meal or ate a light one. Maybe we were dieting, trying to lose a few pounds. Maybe we were fasting, and were at a moment of focusing on our physical needs as opposed to our spiritual enrichment and enlightenment.

I have dieted, I have fasted. But I have never starved. Most likely, neither have you. Whatever you were doing or not doing, be honest, food was probably no more than a step or two away.

None of us know the hopelessness of living in conditions where food is a faraway country, a life to be imagined but not experienced on a day to day basis.

It is not something I have done much about, preferring to focus on my own needs, to my shame as I think about what this day represents. I need to look inside myself so that i do more outside myself going forward.

Are you doing enough about it?

Are you doing anything about it?

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