August 6, 2010

Signs of Strength

"There is no surer sign of extreme weakness of mind than the failure to recognize the unhappy state of a man without God; there is no surer sign of an evil heart than failure to desire that the eternal promises be true; nothing is more cowardly than to brazen it out with God. Let them then leave such impiety to those ill-bred enough to be really capable of it; let them at least be decent people if they cannot be Christians; let them, in short, acknowledge that there are only two classes of persons who can be called reasonable: those who serve God with all their heart because they know him and those who seek him with all their heart because they do not know him."
Blaise Pascal - Pensées
Pascal's claim here flies in the face of what our culture today would have us believe. It seems to be a more popular opinion today that being Christian is to acknowledge some sort of weakness of mind or character, some flaw of intolerance that runs through the Christian and flows out into a professed worldview that is not in synch with how the world runs today. This passage from Pascal will not be popular but it is a comfort to those who have embraced Jesus as their salvation; it takes a strength of mind to do so and be bold and open about it. To take a stand for Christ requires the strength of taking a stand with Christ; that is, a stand against a fallen world that so desperately needs Him as Savior.

My reading of the gospel accounts forms up a clear picture in my mind of Christ as an incredibly strong man. He took on the power elite of His day and did so without fear or concern of the consequences. In fact, He knew what would come of it. And He did it anyway for us.

I am weak, I need Jesus to save me or I would be doomed, I would be lost.

I am weak, and I am strong enough to admit it.

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