August 2, 2010

Learning by Looking?

"...we do not become rich by seeing a rich stranger."
Blaise Pascal, Pensées
This is a piece of a passage in Pensées, a part of a sentence, but it made me stop and think. Somethings cannot be learned by observation, they need to be taught. I think this applies to how we live our lives and how we evangelize others as to our faith in Jesus Christ. Live to a Christian worldview, live in a Christ-like manner, most definitely. At least, to the extent you can as you struggle with your own sinful nature. It is how you would have others see you model Christ in your life.

But you cannot stop there. Watching try to be a better Christian is not going to help anyone else try to be a Christian. You must evangelize, you must disciple. You must educate and encourage. You must edify and exhort. (You must stop alliterating).

People can learn a lot about you from watching you live your life, but it is more likely going to make them curious as to how you how that inner calm and peace; how is it you get through life's struggles in a way that others watching cannot seem to do.

You need to stop being an object of observation and curiosity and start being a presenter of the good news of Jesus.

Teach by living, yes. But also teach by sharing what he has given you.

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