August 7, 2010

Oh, The Things You'll Never Know

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the amount of knowledge I actually have is actually shrinking. Well, not shrinking (except for the brittle edges of memory that now seem to crumble off into oblivion on a regular basis, as I forget things I once knew, and even forget that I once knew them), as an absolute amount, but as a relative amount.

There is a whole growing body of knowledge which I know little or nothing about. There are references Facebook friends make to people, or music, or whatever that causes me to go...huh? There are people high up on all the Twitter lists that I have no idea what they actually do. Products are being sold that I have no idea exist, let alone want to buy or would know what to do with them if I did. A whole world to which I am blissfully ignorant and happily clueless about.

And it is getting worse day by day. As time goes by, I become more increasingly irrelevant as it pertains to the current popular culture. More information requires a bigger container, one which we cannot keep filled up with our personal knowledge of things. That's the bad news. The good news is that I am not alone, it is happening to all of you as well.

All of you.

Even those that are with it in today's culture (and I am so far out of it, I do not even know what the current term to use is.My goal is to get so retro I actually become current again, if only for the novelty I bring to the table). Yes, even the young of body are just a step away from the slippery slope of cultural bypass brought on by being around long enough that a younger, hipper (another musty word I am most sure) model comes along. Welcome to the party pal.

But there is hope. With all the maturity of one's years comes the realization that it really doesn't matter. Let the young have their fads. We had ours and now realize most of them were pretty fleeting (can you say polyester leisure suit?) in impact and importance.

So how do I cope? By holding on to what has become important to me: my faith, the wisdom I have acquired mostly through the mistakes I have made, family and friends. And what can I do? Try to pass on the knowledge I have gained to those a little higher up the slope than me because they haven't slid as much yet. And realizing how much of what is taking up our time today will begin to fade tomorrow.

Keep the important things the important things. That's how I stay relevant.

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