August 27, 2010

Paths and Choices and Seasons

I read last night of a friend who decided to shut down her blog, maybe permanently. She started roughly the same time as I did, we have only met on the internet, I have enjoyed her blogging and hope she has enjoyed mine half as much.

And we are not alone in revisiting why we started to blog. I have watched as a couple of other blog friends have gone through a similar journey. Maybe there is such a thing as a two year itch in blogging.

It is interesting for me to think I went through quite a dry spell this summer and have only recently seemed to enjoy blogging on a more consistent basis. Many times I thought I was through but something kept the spark alive. So I labor on, with one less friend to read as I walk down my own road on this journey.

What keeps one doing this? I am not sure, but hopefully there is a purpose to the time spent doing this. Those of us who blog may never know the majority of people who read our posts; may never know who those posts touch, who they encourage, who they make stop and think. Every once on a while I get some affirmation, and it surprises me to think anyone is not only reading me, but actually taking in what I blog about occasionally. The tree is not always falling soundlessly in the forest.

I have been encouraged by others over the past two plus years to continue this; and I must say it feels right to continue. It feels right. There are days I am sure I will never think of another thing to blog, but it feels right.

So it comes down to paths and choices. It comes down to seasons of time and what we do during them. Hopefully we all make the right choices, walk the paths without stumbling, enjoy and adapt to the seasons in our lives. I know that as long as I follow hard after Jesus, the right choices will come to me. Because in my faith walk, that is what paths and choices come down to. Following hard after my faith in Christ, in Him alone for my eternal future.

I know my friend made the right choice to stop and at the right time, because her faith in Christ is strong, and she follows it.

So really there is not much to decide in paths and choices and seasons ahead of us if we follow His will.

And that is what I will seek to do each day as I go down The Narrow Road.