February 2, 2010

Total Ignorance is Euphoria

A few days ago I visited a blog I follow and comment on from time to time, Human 3rror. If you go there you will see my comment on this techie type update John posted, as he released it for public viewing (not even going to comment on him doing that to me, since he corrected that situation. I know he did, I went back and checked the post again).

My point was I do not know what he is talking about or what the commenters are talking about. I may have made the most intelligent or the dumbest comment, the point is I know enough that I do not know enough to know the answer to that one. Huh?

I do not get hung up on stuff like this anymore, not at my age. I know lots of things, and more importantly, I know I do not know lots of things. I am OK with that. More important, I know it is only going to get worse as I get older, that ratio of know to not know. And not even having a clue is a virulently growing category as well.

The world moves faster than me, the only thing I can keep up with is my faith in Jesus as the only way to my salvation. That moves at a pace I can keep up with and actually learn more about. The know to not know ratio improves daily. The clueless quotient drops. But I never reach the destination, although I never stop trying. That's biblical.

So the world goes on, the sun wheels across the sky, the generations march forward relentlessly. I fall farther behind the world, but all I am trying to do is keep up with God. I will let the rest gradually fall by the wayside.

If ignorance is bliss, total ignorance is euphoria. At least with worldly knowledge. Might be harder to bear the future here if it is not.

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