February 12, 2010

Oh, Woe is Me!

No, I am not bummed by the weather. Nine inches or so of snow in the DFW area, bring it on. I even got to close the office tomorrow. Official snow day. OK, it isn't like what the northeastern part of the country has received over the past week or so but think about this. Nine inches. Snow. In Dallas. In one snowfall, not 5 years. It is something special.

No, it is not the fact that I should use the time to catch up on my studies at seminary. Who wants to wants a good snow day like that? A 100 year snowstorm?

No, my depression runs deeper. I just won a Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera in a drawing on the The Roaming Boomers website and I took it out in the snow last night to use it for the first time. And then it hit me hard. I do not have a creative bone in my entire head. I filmed what iis probably the most boring video ever. The folks at YouTube asked me not to upload it for fear it would crash their entire site. Forever.

So, I have work to do. I mean this thing lets me add music, turn the videos into movies add effects. I got nothing. The only thing blanker than my mind is the stare on my face. Dave and Carol over at Roaming Boomers are expecting exciting video blogging. They might get induced video barfing. I mean, the pressure is building. By the way, go by and check out their site. They do some really fun things.

No good deed goes unpunished. Now I have to learn how to create stimulating and thought provoking videos, that will exhort the spirit, expand the mind and tickle the palate of human emotions. Or at the very least be almost watchable. Oy vey.