August 27, 2008

I Have Been a Pipe, I Wanna Be a Tree

Yesterday in my introductory bible study class, Prof made a statement that really struck me (that's what we call him; he has been teaching at seminary longer than I have been alive, and that is saying something. I have not only been around the block a couple of times; but I have been up the driveway, into the backyard, through the hedges and over the fence more than once). Prof said we needed to be trees, not pipes. Both convey water, but the water passing through a pipe does nothing to add to the growth of the pipe as it does to a tree.

As I sit in Turpin Library today, I realized how much I liked that. I have been a pipe way too long in my life, most of my corporate existence was pipe-like; passing information to and fro with no benefit to or growth within the host organism. Now I am trying to learn to be a tree; drawing sustenance from the water flowing through me, trying to grow so that I can provide shade and shelter to others.

I have a long way to go, but with men like Prof teaching and pruning me along the way, I know I will make progress. Thanks, Prof. Keep 'em coming.

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