August 24, 2008

Sign(s) the End is Definitely Coming...Sometime -- #1

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So here I am playing around with StumbleUpon and Clipmarks. Just trying out to see if I could actually do a post using stuff like this without messing it all up.

There is a lot of odd stuff on the Internet if you look at the Bizarre/Oddities category of StumbleUpon, no doubt. Maybe I'll start tracking some of it from time to time.

If there are just 3 adorable animals to imaple (their words, not mine), why does the whale need four tusks? Why would a whale need a spare? Why does a whale even have tusks? Expecting to run into some hostile aquatic elephants? And where is the whale going to carry the spares in the first place? Heck of a thing to teach our kids.

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John said...

omg. i saw that yesterday too... hahah.