September 4, 2010

Life Marches On

After a most welcome period of several days of rain, after weeks of 100+ weather, it has been sunny again for a couple of days and is in the 60's this morning. I am out back enjoying our new patio, looking at what all has been going on in the backyard. (And mobile blogging, all this over my cellphone). This is what I saw, which was not there a few days ago. Mushrooms, or toadstools, whatever (not really sure what is the difference, if you know, please let me know), growing up in a few days of sunshine. Not sure if they are magic mushrooms, I'll have to watch and see if our 14 year old dog starts chasing squirrels again.

Amazing growth, life marches on. It will not be stopped by the likes of man, because it is at the behest of our Creator.