July 3, 2010

The Momentum of Inertia

I have not posted a blog entry in over a month, and I have to tell you the time pretty much sped by, blog-wise at least. At first it did not bother me, then I started to feel like maybe I should pout a post up, but nothing came to mind. Then an very interesting feeling set in; I felt it had been so long that any post needed to be deep and profound, as if to justify my lack of activity. It was sort of, hey, I know I have been missing, but look at what I have for you now. Aren't glad I waited? Aren't you glad you did too?

Well, this is not that post. Sorry, and I do not mind if you stop reading now. No profound revelations are forthcoming, so profound to allow you to revel in the profundity of the moment.

Just spent the last two weeks in a seminary course, 3 hours every morning studying the Gospels. Great lectures by Dr. Mark Bailey at DTS, but oh so fast the material sped by. Bible study should be a marathon, not a sprint. But I think I got through, although time will tell if I made the grade when it posts on my transcript. We shall see.

So, having spent two weeks studying the most profound text in existence, I decided I needed to post an entry here and break the string. One of my goals was to keep the blog alive in 2010. This post is tantamount to me yelling "Clear!" and trying to shock it back to life. The text of truth led me back to one realization; I can never get as deep as scriptural revelation; and no one is expecting me to anyway. So I might as well jump back in the fray.

I hope things get deeper moving forward, but I know that things at least need to get started. No one goes deep standing still. One goes stale instead. If you are struggling with your own blog posts (and I know some of you are), take comfort from the fact that movement is movement and

That's the depth of things today.