May 19, 2010

Something To Think About

If rewards were based on time, talent, or treasure, those who are relatively rich in these assets would be rewarded for possessing things that actually come from the providential hand of God. The fact that rewards are based on faithfulness to the assets and opportunities we have been given is the divine equalizer that gives every believer, regardless of economic, social, intellectual, or vocational status, the possibility of being approved by God.
Ken Boa - Handbook To Spiritual Growth

God is not measuring us on what we have but how we use it in His name. There is no excuse for not running the race until He declares it over for you; of fighting the good fight until He calls you home. No reason to give in or give up. It is a sobering thought that God does not expect us to do what He has not equipped us to do. He is gracious in the granting of gifts, but He is just in measuring how we used what we are blessed with.

He knows what you have, do you know to use it? I don't, at least not all the time, so I am really going to think about this for a while.

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