July 15, 2010

1 or Fewer

I read a blog post yesterday on ChurchCrunch entitled Sorry, You Are Not as Unique as You Thought... which featured a website called HowManyOfMe.com which tells you how many people in the US have your name. I went there and tried it. 123 people have my last name. Pretty exclusive if accurate. 1 or fewer have the combination of my first and last name. 1 is pretty exclusive too, even more so than 123 (by the tune of about 122 I would guess). 1 or fewer is a little too exclusive for my tastes. I mean really, just where does that leave me in the total scheme of things?

So I went to the most accurate source I had at my fingertips, the Magic 8 Ball I had on my desk (picked up somewhere in my corporate travels and viewed as an essential financial planning tool by some). When asked if there could be fewer than 1 person with my name, I was told "Reply Hazy, Try Again". The tension mounted. I tried again. "Yes" was the reply. So now I am really in a bind. Two trusted sources said there could be fewer than 1 person in the US with my name, including myself.

I will let you know how my identity crisis turns out. If indeed I am actually around to have one.

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