June 6, 2009

The Superiority of the CT

I have lived in Texas for 6 years now. And I have one thing I still affirm after all that time. The central time zone makes for easier living than the eastern time zone for one major reason: shows are on cable or commercial television an hour earlier:

  • Monday night (or Thursday night) football ends at a human (or humane) time
  • You do not yawn as much the day after a long World Series game
  • The late news can be watched while you are alert enough to absorb the meaning of the day's events
  • Late night television can be watched while you are awake enough to get the humor
There are some downsides, like the time of your show is always announced second (8pm, 7 central). And the first New Year's Eve with live coverage of the ball dropping in Times Square when my watch said 11pm weirded me out a little. Somehow, watching a tape replay at midnight (when I know it is taped) takes the edge off the new year.

But I will take that when it means I can watch what I want and get a better night's sleep, thatnks to the people who brought us the central time zone.

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