June 17, 2009

Sound Advice Through the Ages

Another letter from Jonathan Edwards in A Sweet Flame. This one to his daughter Mary. It was written in 1749 while she was away from home. And what was Edwards most concerned about? Not her physical well being but her spiritual. These were times that were harder than we face today, less comforts and conveniences, less available health care, less communication. Bu the concern was for her spiritual life. Edwards notes that news of her death would leave the family melancholy; but if it was coupled with intelligence that she had died in the Lord, it would be a source of great comfort. They do not write letters like this anymore.

Edwards gives some advice to his daughter:
  • Earthly friends are a comfort and blessing; but having God as a friend is a great thing
  • Meet with God where you are
  • Meet with God alone
  • Do not forget nor forsake Him
Good advice for today. In a world where we are obsessed with creature comforts, let us nor forget what is reserved for fire and what will pass through.