June 5, 2009

My Faith Posse

This post was spurred by a comment by David over at A Boomer in the Pew yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration (and he is a great read by the way).

I have just posted a couple of times based on letters by Jonathan Edwards. I have not read him much, but will have to in the future. He has become a member of my faith posse, people I read or listen to as I walk my journey. David's comment made me think about who do I turn to in order to garner deeper reflection on God, deeper meditation of His word, deeper edification. My faith posse as it were, the people who ride hard alongside me as I pursue and hunt down that criminal in the wild and bring him to justice before the divine judge (I am talking about my sinful self).

So who is riding with me currently:

  • The Lord (He is the author of the Bible)
Quite a collection of guns to shoot at the sin in my life. I am sure I am leaving someone off, who I have not read recently.

A few points:

  • It is good to have someone walking or riding alongside of you
  • Without the first name on the list, it does not matter how many others you put down
  • With the first name on the list, you probably do not need any of the others. Having them is due to your weakness, not His insufficiency
  • I did not put a link to the Lord because He is everywhere. You do not need me or the internet to find Him. Just yourself.
I am glad I have these with me, because I need help in getting rid of me so I can find Him. WIsh I did not need the help but I do.

Time to saddle up and ride.

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David Porter said...


Once again, you are most kind. Thanks for the mention, and what a wonderful posse you have.