April 2, 2010

Have You Given Your All?

I have not been blogging much the past few months, and I am not sure how much I will do this month or the next. Or the next. But once in a brief while I feel I can muster together a couple of hundred words in a semi-organized fashion and spit out a post.

Such is a day today.

I have been thinking, reflecting and praying on my relationship with Jesus a lot the past few weeks, it has been growing as Easter approached, and today I have already spent some time praying about what He gave today to set me free from my sin. And it makes me think about what I have been giving Him. Yes, I work full time in ministry now, yes I volunteer a bit at my church. Yet I know I can never give Him what He has given me, although I really should try harder. The mind too often gets distracted by worldly concerns, when I should be thinking about facing Him:

A Christian worker’s greatest need is a readiness to face Jesus Christ at any and every turn. This is not easy, no matter what our experience has been.
Oswald Chambers - My Utmost For His Highest: March 29th Devotional

Mr Chambers sums it up. it is not always easy, but i find it really is necessary. If I struggle to face Jesus, at least I am thinking about what it takes to follow Jesus. If I am not thinking about facing Him, I am probably not giving Him my all.

I find it very hard to face Jesus today, especially in the hours leading up to His death. Sunday will be so easy, as I join others in celebrating His resurrection. But today is hard. I think about what I did to put Him on the cross, and I struggle to face Him because it is so painful, not to look at Him, but to look at myself. He is glorious, even in His death on the cross. I am the one not worth looking at.

Face Him today, face Him now. Give Him your all in doing so.

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