April 19, 2010

When We Will Know

I have been thinking about the post I put up Saturday for a bit of time. The thread of that story, and how the Lord let me piece it together. And it made me wonder how many other stories like that there may be in my life, in the lives of people around me, in the lives of everyone. I did not know Dean, who discipled Gordon; I am not sure whether he has gone to the Lord. He would be in his late 90's at the very least by now. Dean probably didn't know the thread of his life was connected to mine through several men. At least I do not think he did.

But I am sure he will know that in heaven. In my limited mind, that is one of the really cool things about heaven (the very presence of the Living God for eternity definitely the coolest thing about heaven) is that these connections become clear, like crystal rods of light connecting us to people in His divine will.

And we will have all the time in the world (or is it all the time out of this world?) to explore these connections, laugh about them and love on all the people who are connected to us. Every once on a while I think the Lord gives us a glimpse of the infinitely eternal. A small crumb, precious and profound, is all our finite minds can grasp. That is all our minds can handle.


Then it will be glorious.

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