October 15, 2009


Recently I was struggling with a problem, tying myself up into knots over it, it involved a couple of friends who are on opposite sides of an argument. Let's just leave it at that. Hearing both sides, seeking what is the truth of the situation (define that what is God's will in the particular set of facts and viewpoints before me); alternately wanting to solve the problem or just wanting it to go away. it was really getting to me.

Praying about it one morning, I heard it softly, yet firmly in my mind. Wait. That was it. Wait.

And the tension bled away from my body and I felt a peace. Wait. Nothing changed about the situation but something changed about my ability to deal with it, to try to solve it. I could not do it, not by myself. Wait.

OK. He has got it, God is in control. Wait. For His timing, for the solution only He can provide.

I still do not know how it will all play itself out, but it is playing even as I write this, even as I wait.

God is in control and that is good because He is good and great.

Wait. I really do not mind it, when I know I am waiting on the Lord.