October 19, 2009

I Passed A Stone The Other Day

A milestone that is...my 500th blog post. I just realized it and it made me think about where this blog is going. I still do not know, but I feel the need to keep moving and seeking the Lord's face continually.

As long as the ruminations of this blog keep allowing me to do that, I will keep blogging. I guess that is progress; from writing about what I want to seeking Him and writing what He wants. Huge progress. I feel that this is no longer just my blog, but it is becoming His as well. I know I will have really begun to make progress when I feel it is no longer mine at all but His alone. I feel that then the journey on The Narrow Road can truly begin. Imagine, it took 500+ posts to begin to realize, understand and accept that.

I look forward to passing that next stone.